Israeli occupation opens the earth mounds in central Gaza and drowning houses in that area

Shadi Zohod-Gaza

Rainwater inundated on Sunday morning (04.03.2012), many of Palestinian homes in the central Gaza Strip, and that following the opening of the occupation forces of the earth shields the eastern Gaza Strip.

The rain water flowed in the valley of Gaza amid the intensity of the sector where the rains flooded many homes, and cut off the main road linking the north of the territory south.

A statement by the Palestinian civil defense, said that the occupation forces opened earth mounds east of Gaza’s Central, which led to the flow of rainwater that fell in the western Negev within the territories occupied in 1948, which flooded many homes the central Gaza Strip.

The occupation forces opened these mounds three years ago, which led to the sinking of many houses and the occurrence of significant damage in that region, and cut rainwater Salah al-Din road between the southern Gaza Strip and northern.


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