Pause in front of the Embassy of Cairo in Gaza in protest at the introduction of the sector ….. Require the approval of the capitals of Egypt for the supply of fuel to Gaza

Shadi Zohod-Gaza (Special Translation)

D. Joseph Rizqa political adviser to Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh,detected that several Arab states in Gaza, the Government informed that it is ready to supply fuel for the Gaza Strip to end electricity crisis, the Egyptian authorities to allow the requirement to do so.

Rizqa said in a statement to “Palestine”: “The solution to the electricity crisis experienced by the Gaza Strip is within reach of Egypt, in the case was entrusted to the League of Arab States to discuss this crisis and find solutions through the Arab oil states.”

He added that there are parties Rizqa local and regional loathe to try Hamas, a partner in a crisis in the Gaza Strip, stressing that the Palestinian people will not turn against the Hamas movement “because it did not turn against them before he knows where it comes from injustice.”

He explained that in the case of the Palestinian government to import fuel from Egypt, the international price, the cost of the citizen will reach 6 shekels per liter, which would be a hardship for citizens and the crisis in Gaza and in particular that the sector is in a state of unemployment and economic weakness.

Dozens of people demonstrated on Saturday 3/3/2012, in front of the Egyptian embassy in Gaza City to protest what they saw as “non-approval of the Egyptian government and its contribution to the introduction of the fuel needed to end the stranglehold that the electricity crisis experienced by the coastal Gaza Strip for weeks.

The demonstrators demanded that the Egyptian authorities to speed up supply Gaza with fuel and diesel fuel needed to operate the power station via the Rafah crossing at discounted prices, and not put obstacles in front of the move.

And raised slogans condemning the constantly pumping gas to (Israel) at cheap prices, at which time it stops the supply of fuel to Gaza, and the demand from the Palestinian government purchased in accordance with international prices.

Source: Palestine Online


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