Death of two Palestinians by targeting a car in Gaza City by Israeli aircraft

Shadi Zohod-Gaza

Two Palestinians were killed and another was seriously wounded in a Zionist target for a car that was traveling district of Tel Islam in Gaza City on Friday evening (9-3).

The Adham Abu Salmiya, a spokesman for the Supreme Committee for ambulance and emergency in Gaza, the Palestinians were killed and a third injured by a car targeted neighborhood of Tel Islam in Gaza.
It was learned that the martyrs are the Secretary-General of the Popular Resistance Committees, “Qais Zuhair Ahmed” from the Tel Sultan neighborhood in Rafah, and the second martyr is liberated prisoner Mahmoud Ahmed Hanani (43 years) resident of Nablus, and released to Gaza four years ago, the husband of the daughter of the martyr “Qaisi “.

Eyewitnesses said that IOF warplanes bombed a car one missile targeted a blue Opel car, which led to the martyrdom of citizens and injuring the third seriously injured




Captured image editor / Mahmoud Ahmed Hanani, who was deported 4 years ago to the Gaza Strip


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