The end of the consultation session .. The Guinness decides to extend a violent military response against the Gaza Strip


Shadi Zohod-Translation

Ended consultation meeting held by the leaders of the occupying army, to respond to the escalation with the Gaza Strip was carried out consultations in the presence of each of the Chiefs of Staff, the commander of the Zionist Benny Guinness and his deputy and the commander of the southern region.

It showed the newspaper Yediot in a brief statement that the leaders of the occupation of participants in the meeting decided to launch a military strike a violent response to the firing of rockets from Gaza into towns bordering the Gaza Strip.

Guinness has given his instructions just to increase the alert after predicting the continued firing of rockets from the Gaza Strip and the continued escalation, “Israel” and described the murder of 12 Guinness Mujahid Al-Quds Brigades of success.

Referred to as post commander of Air Force squadron and head of the Zionist military operations and head of planning in the Army and Chief of Home Front Command and the presence of the occupation army spokesman at the meeting.


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