Death of 3 Palestinians, including an elderly man and a child, and the escalation of Israeli military offensive on the Gaza Strip


Shadi Zohod – Gaza

Palestinian medical sources announced on Sunday afternoon, killing an elderly act as guardian for a street tunnel orchards located east of Gaza City.

  Adham Abu Selmiyah, a spokesman for the Supreme Committee for ambulance and emergency said that the martyr just exponential “52-year-old killed by direct targeting of aircraft Zionist occupation and which act as guardian of the orchard Wahidi tunnel and which led to his death on the spot and was taken on the track to Shifa Hospital in Gaza City.

It should be noted the high number of martyrs to 18 martyr by the recent escalation in Gaza City, where the martyred today three people including a child died as a result take a rocket by the aircraft of the Israeli occupation to a group of children in the town of Jabalya in northern Gaza Strip, targeting planes of the Israeli occupation of land Varah chicken farm and causing extensive damage in that region.



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