Intensification of the crisis of electricity, fuel and stopped traffic and transportation in the Gaza Strip

Shadi Zohod – Gaza

Hundreds of Palestinians shared in a demonstration in front of the Rafahcrossing on the Egyptian border with the Gaza Strip, calling for Egypt to immediately intervene to end the crisis in electricity and fuel that beset the inhabitants of the territory since more than two months.

It is worth mentioning that the increased intensity of the fuel crisis during these days because of the entry into force of all types of fuel in the Gaza Strip, which will lead to the stoppage of traffic, transportation, and electricity stopped completely on the Gaza Strip, and also stop many media institutions.

The electricity crisis originated in the Gaza Strip by more than 5 years ago when Israel decided to target only power plant in the sector. It is believed the demonstrators on the Egyptian-Palestinian border to disrupt the arrival of fuel to Gaza is unintentional and post clear by the Egyptian intelligence in the siege of Gaza.


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