Israeli army prepares itself to a new aggression on the Gaza Strip and end the training of the Army

Shadi Zohod – Translation

Arab Republic of Egypt warned, (Israeli) occupation of the implementation of its threats to launch a new aggression against the Gaza Strip, saying it will not stand idly by as it was happening in the era of the former regime “and the occupation that knows it well.”

The Egyptian official source said in a statement to “Al-Risala Net” Tuesday, “The Cairo consider the seriousness of the very modern (Israeli) army renewed for the end of all the preparations to launch a new aggression on Gaza.”

And added that “(Israel) has always sought to create a state of tension and shuffling papers, talk about adding an explicit threat to launch a new war, a clear violation of all international laws and human rights.

The Army has declared that the occupation troops today completed the training scenarios that simulates a military operation against the Gaza Strip, including the opening themes of the ground forces and create routes for armored vehicles.


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