You are invited to the march of Jerusalem Global … Will you participate??

Shadi Zohod – Translation


Completed the preparatory committee for the march of Jerusalem, the global media and the technical preparations for the start of the march on Friday (30/03/2012 AD).


The General Coordinator of the global march of Jerusalem, Dr. Halloum Rebhi in a press statement: “The solidarity of about 80 countries, an estimated two million people will participate in the march of Jerusalem, which kicks off the World of the four Arab countries adjacent to Palestine.”


Halloumi Added: “The international delegations started from their own countries towards these countries to participate in the marches of which will be launched on the occasion of the Palestinian Land Day, which marks the thirtieth of March current.”


He pointed out that legal persons worldwide will take part in the march, including four rabbis Americans of Jewish anti-occupation and reject the Occupying Power who are leaders of the group (Neturei Karta) Judaism which rejects the existence of the alleged temple in Jerusalem, and rejects a Jewish Palestine at all, and believes that historical Palestine is for Palestinians owners of the land.


Halloum renewed his emphasis on “peaceful march and Houdaratha and they are not subject to any political agendas or partisan or local or regional, are not allowed for any of the participants or solidarity in any attempt to distract the rally course, or Tgaerha of a hidden agenda, stressing that” the march, which will be held in Jordan will raise the flags Jordanian and Palestinian-only “.


On the program of the march detailed said the general coordinator of the march: “The solidarity Sintalegon from different governorates of the Kingdom at the specified location in the vicinity of the bath,” noting that the center of the starting President in Amman would be the arena adjacent to the Regency Hotel near the roundabout of Interior in Amman, including the densely populated areas It is the high camps. ”


He said: “The festival will be held oratory after Friday prayers on the day scheduled for the march which he speaks of representatives from different continents, indicating that” the Jordanian legal personality is important in the festival will speak on behalf of Jordan. ”


He stressed that the objectives of the march Halloumi is not limited to expose the practices of the Zionist occupation in Jerusalem, and had been taken from Jerusalem slogan because of its religious significance and the world, but aims to denounce various practices of Zionism on all the occupied Palestinian territories.


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