Follow-up news: massacres against civilians what distinguishes the sixth day of the aggression on Gaza

Shadi Mahmood- Gaza

The occupation forces continued for the sixth day in a row its aggression on the Gaza Strip, using different kinds of weapons.

With the continuation of this aggression continues bleeding Palestinian blood shed in the streets of Gaza from north to south and from east to west, where the number of the martyrs who have died since the dawn raids Monday that Israeli warplanes launched 16 martyrs, bringing the number since the beginning of the aggression to 93 martyr.

Here are all the events that have occurred since the early hours of the day Monday (the sixth day of the aggression on the Gaza Strip)

And until this moment:

11:45 – the martyrdom of elderly in a raid on Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip

11:15 – Israeli raid on the empty lot north of Beit Hanoun and the other in Khan Younis

11:13 – the martyrdom of Ramadan Ahmed Ramadan of his wounds

11:00 – hundreds of foreign journalists arrive in Israel to cover the military operation in Gaza

10:50 – Martyr in the Israeli raid on Tal al-Hawa, is Mohammed Hmlkh (23 years) of the Islamic Jihad.

10:30 – Martyr and two cases of their children in the recent raid in Tel fancy.

10:20 – 3 civilians were wounded seriously by targeting a civilian car Tal al-Hawa neighborhood in Gaza City.

10:36 elevate martyr Mohammed Hmlkh in Zionist shelling on farmland on the Tel al-Hawa

10:00 – Mahmoud Abdullah Abu Khater martyrs in an Israeli air raid east of Khan Younis

9:50 – Israeli government ministers endorse a budget for the system provides a sixth of the steel dome.

9:35 – Israeli army: since the start of the military operation was bombed 1350 targets in the Gaza Strip.

9:20 – injuring at least a citizen in a new raid on a group of citizens Zaytoun neighborhood south of Gaza City.

9:15 – Egyptian youth delegation consisting of 550 young men and women leave the Gaza Strip, hours after his visit to Gaza.

A delegation from the Egyptian political parties arrive sector today in solidarity with the Palestinians and look at the consequences of the Israeli aggression

9:00 – 3 civilians wounded in Israeli air strike targeted a group of citizens Shijaia neighborhood in the east of Gaza City.

8:50 – Martyrs bombing Qarara they “age” and “Ibrahim” al-Astal, wounding one child critically injured martyrs where they were within the Agricultural Land keep track of them.

8:45 – Israeli army says that the air force attacked 80 targets night in Gaza.

8:40 – the martyrdom of citizens in a raid targeting agricultural land in stop Balaqrarh area east of Khan Younis.

8:10 – the death of three citizens from one family and they “Tamer Amin and Salah Abu Bashir” by targeting vehicle aboard the pond area in Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip.

7:40 – at least two citizens were injured in an Israeli raid on a civilian car in Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip.

7:10 – fall 6 rockets at the western Negev during the last four hours.

7:00 – warplanes targeted five bombs Artjaja spending area.

6:45 – the martyrdom of the citizen Jalal Nasr (39 years) of his wounds dangerous wounded yesterday evening in a targeted raid in front of his house near the roundabout Abu Sharkh northwest sector, has cited his son child “Hussein” (7 years), who was martyred on the spot then.

6:30 – the high number of martyrs of the massacre in the Zeitoun neighborhood, which targeted three houses to 4, including a child, is Mohammed Alo Abu Zour and citizenship inhabitants Abu Zour, and the magic of Abu Zour, and Ahed Alqtati.

03:40 – the death of 3 citizens and injuring at least 10 others in the bombing of a house Zaytoun neighborhood.

03:20 – Israeli warplanes destroyed a house in the Zeitoun neighborhood.

03:00 – the martyrdom of Mohammed soldier after targeting of reconnaissance aircraft Shijaia neighborhood in the east of Gaza City.

02:10 – Israeli warplanes destroyed a house belonging the family of the military district of Tel Zaatar east of Jabaliya and damaged affecting the surrounding houses.

01:30 – the martyrdom of young Imad Abu Hamda of wounds sustained in a raid of an Israeli reconnaissance plane targeted beach camp.

01:10 – a series of air strikes and naval affect marine police positions and vacant land in different parts of the sector.

01:00 – proceeds Israeli raids on Sunday night – Monday in Sector 4 martyrs are elderly Sabha Hashash and cited by the feet of warplanes to target home of her son, north of Rafah Valley was completely destroyed, while cited three other citizens in a raid on a civilian car near the editor Morag has been known martyrs Saif Sadiq Ahmed Aga.


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