Global popular rejection of the aggression on Gaza

Shadi Mahmood- Translation

Witnessed several countries in Asia and Europe popular demonstrations condemned the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, and called on the world to intervene to stop it, and end the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip for years.

In the German capital Berlin Gap thousands of demonstrators from the Germans and the Palestinians and Arab streets in the city on Sunday evening condemned the continued Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip since last Wednesday.

The participants carried Palestinian flags and the Turkish and Syrian revolution flags, and banners inscribed with phrases like (we all Gaza) and (Stop state terrorism practiced by (Israel)) and other reminders of the catastrophe of Palestine since 1948.

The speakers condemned the words thrown in Western demonstration silence and destruction and international target Israeli bombardment of civilians and children in Gaza, and predicted the issuance of UN documentation similar to the Goldstone report for “war crimes (Israel) new” in Gaza.

The assembly demanded in Berlin Arab ambassador to the Palestinian Authority in the German capital “Salah Abdel Shafi,” taking into account the circumstance the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, and the abolition of the celebration called for by the occasion of the Palestinian Declaration of Independence one of the luxury hotels on Tuesday.

The coordinator of the German initiative called to break the siege on the Gaza Strip Thursday Kurt PA Embassy in Berlin to donate a ceremony planned expenditures to support the steadfastness of the residence and the sacrifices of the Palestinians who are facing murder and bombing (Israel) that have gripped them in the Gaza blockade.

Other capitals

In Europe also saw the capitals of Greece, France, Italy, Britain, and a number of Spanish cities demonstrations demanding that Israel stop its military campaign in the Gaza Strip.

In the Greek capital Athens, tens of thousands of demonstrators chanting slogans and carrying banners denouncing the Israeli aggression, at a time when Greek police stepped up security measures around the Israeli and U.S. embassies in anticipation for the arrival of the demonstrations to them.

In Asia, China has witnessed, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, demonstrations of solidarity with Gaza, demanding a firm stance against the aggression and deter aggressors.

In the city of Lahore, the capital of Punjab province in Pakistan organized political parties and religious protest marches separate against Israeli aggression, said speakers at the protests, “The United States supports (Israel) to kill innocent Palestinians”, stressing that “the massacre of Palestinian Muslims will not be tolerated.”

Some activists also organized a protest march from the Lahore Press Club to the U.S. consulate, which was closed all the roads leading to it.

The speakers at the rally demanded the world powers to “put pressure on the Zionist lobby for respect for universal human rights”, and said that the Arab and Islamic countries should move in international forums to stop the Israeli attacks.

At the same time, the Union of Muslims marched in protest in the Pakistani city of Multan to protest against the Israeli aggression in Palestine. The Party leader also condemned “MQM” Altaf Hussain Israeli attack on Gaza, and urged Muslim countries to raise their voices in protest.


For its part, demanded that Palestinian civil society organizations of the international community to stop the aggression on Gaza, said in a statement, “Contrary to the allegations propagated by the Israeli government that its forces were not targeting civilians, the harvest so far this aggression indicates that only civilians are paying the price.”

The statement added that “there is no longer a safe place in the Gaza Strip, which where there is no shelter and one in which civilians are already sheltering from shelling continued day and night.”

It warned these organizations operating in Gaza of the further deterioration of the situation and its disastrous impact on the lives of Palestinian civilians, and called on the international community to take immediate action to prevent crime before it happens, not condemnation.

And considered that “the weakness of the international community and failing to intervene to protect Palestinian civilians, but an element of support and encouragement to the State of Israel and its occupation forces to commit more crimes against them, and these crimes will continue in the absence of accountability and always enjoys the perpetrators immunity.”


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