Israeli aggression enters seventh day .. 110 martyrs proceeds aggression on the Gaza Strip

Shadi Mahmood- Gaza

The number of martyrs Zionist aggression since Monday morning hours to 35 a martyr, and more than 60 wounded, with a high number of martyrs since the beginning of the aggression to 110 killed and more than 900 wounded.

Zionism aircraft also targeted a house in the northern Gaza Strip, which led to the death of five Palestinians from one family and injuring 12 others.

The ambulance services and emergency in Gaza, said that the civil defense crews recovered the bodies of two brothers Suhaib Hijazi (two years) and Mohammad Hejazi (4 years) as well as their father Fouad from under the rubble of their home targeted by aircraft Zionist Monday evening, and was wounded in the incident and their mother safe injured critically, while wounded 12 others members of the family.

Palestinian man was killed with his nephew, and his wife was with another young man injured, in a new Zionist raid on the Gaza Strip, and injured more than 20 others in raids targeted the homes in the Gaza Strip.

The ambulance and emergency services in Gaza, said Khalil Shehadeh (60 years) was martyred with his nephew Osama Shehadeh Khalil’s wife was a descriptive elderly Shehadeh (50 years) moderately wounded and injured young man was slightly injured. Also injured 15 Palestinians, most of them children and women after a Zionist raid targeted a house of a valid family in Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip, and wounded 12 others in a raid on a house for a family Hijazi.

Earlier cited corners Abu Kamil Ibrahim Hawajri in Zionist raid on the Block (12) Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza Strip, said Nasser brigades the armed wing of the Popular Resistance Committees, they belong to them.

He cited citizen Ramiz Najib war and Salem Sweilem and three others were wounded in the raid by Israeli warplanes on the Sunrise Tower, which houses the offices of press and media center Rimal neighborhood in Gaza City.

Local residents said that Israeli warplanes targeted sunrise tower three missiles, which led to a fire and heavy damage tower and neighboring houses citizens.

The citizen was killed and another injured very critical in a raid of reconnaissance aircraft targeted the car in which he was traveling the Saftawi central area of ​​Gaza City.

Citing an elderly raid in the vicinity of her home in the town of Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip, as cited citizen Ramadan Mahmoud Monday morning, from wounds sustained by days Palmghaza.

Killed three people in the Zionist shelling on Monday morning, on a civilian vehicle in Pond Street in Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip, in addition to the martyrs and wounded a child in al-Qarara village in Khan Younis.
And Palestinian medical sources announced that the martyrs are Salah Bashir, Tamir Bashir and Secretary Bashir transferred the remains to the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in the city, cited citizen Ibrahim al-Astal in addition to his nephew and wounding his son from the same family of Qarara.
Also fell four martyrs and wounded more than 35 others in the Zionist shelling targeted the home of the family of Abu Zur South Zeitoun neighborhood in Gaza City, and comes hours after the massacre other Terrible right Aquarius family claimed the lives of 11 civilians, mostly women and children.

Noteworthy that the Zionist occupation forces continue to commit massacres against civilians, women and children in the Gaza Strip, with the entry of Zionist aggression seventh day amid Arab and international silence about what is going on from the massacres.


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