IFJ Calls for Investigation into the Zionist bombing on media offices in Gaza


Shadi Mahmood – Translation

Condemned the International Federation of Journalists, on Monday, attacks deliberate Alziona on media offices in the Gaza Strip, and demanded the UN probe.
He said, “Jim Boumelha” President of the Federation said: “We call upon the United Nations to conduct a thorough investigation into the attacks and take measures against the Zionist government.”

He said: “The international community must respond immediately to this gross violation, The United Nations stresses always on the rights of journalists in conflict zones, and can not be the member states remain idle while acting when one of the countries wildly and dangerous.”
He said “Boumelha” that these Zionist acts may not remain unpunished, and it will make only journalists at risk of being attacked in any dispute at any time in the future.
This was the entity has bombed buildings where they are located the headquarters of various Palestinian media and foreign, including the offices of the channel “Jerusalem” and told “together” news channel “Russia Today,” The bombardment wounded 6 of journalists and damaged buildings.


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