Center “SKIES” human rights condemns the crimes of the Zionist entity against journalists in Gaza


Shadi Mahmood – Translation

Condemned the Center for the Defense of media and cultural freedoms “SKIES” strongly “persistent crimes committed by the Zionist army against journalists in Gaza, through targeted directly and deliberately, and away from any controls humanity.”
He called the center – which take from the Lebanese capital Beirut-based – the international community to “consider these crimes as a war crime”, again demanding human rights institutions the world, especially interested to defend journalists to “condemn the massacres against them and pressure by all means available to stop targeting them whatever reasons. “
3 journalists cited as a result of the raids carried out by the Zionist army, on Tuesday, the first in Gaza City against photographers working for the Palestinian Al-Aqsa TV, and two Mahmoud Komi, and Hossam safety.
He cited the third journalist in the city of Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip, and Mohammed Abu Eisha claims, and is Director of the educational Quds Radio.

The center was established to defend media freedoms and cultural “SKIES” in Beirut, in the November / November 2007, at the initiative of the Samir Kassir Foundation, which arose following the assassination of Lebanese journalist and historian Samir Kassir on the second of June 2005.


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