Zionist specialist: the attack on Gaza is part of Netanyahu’s election campaign


Shadi Mahmood – Translation

Said “Daniel Levy” Head of Middle East and North Africa at the European Council on Foreign Relations, “The Zionist attack on Gaza is part of the campaign for Israeli Prime Minister” Benjamin Netanyahu, “describing the process of Zionism as” crazy “, saying:” From my point of viewthis process will not last long and will be stopped in the shortest time in order to preserve the interests of Zionism. “

He explained, “Levy” in his statements that the attack on Gaza aims to hit the national unity of the Palestinians, by hitting one of the forces, and leave the other in a position of strength, pointing out that the Zionist entity alienate Hamas more than Fatah and worry more than unity among the Palestinians, this is working hard to target one party.

The researcher Zionist, that the Zionist entity derives its strength from the lack of sanctions concrete deterrent against him, despite the changed circumstances in the region, in the wake of the Arab Spring, pointing out that he does not face pressure diplomat real from the international community, not even once condemnation from the United States, being supplied weapons.


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