Barak: admit defeat entity in Gaza and stresses not yearning for reference

Shadi Mahmood – Translation

Said the Zionist war minister, Ehud Barak, on Thursday, he was not eager to return to the Gaza Strip, after suffering a crushing defeat by the Palestinian resistance factions, which stood out over the eight days of aggression.

Barak added in a radio interview that “the problem is not the invasion of the Gaza Strip and undermine the rule of Hamas, but a way to get out of it after the completion of the process.”

He announced in Cairo truce between the resistance factions and the “Zionist entity” under the auspices of Egypt entered into force nine o’clock yesterday evening, after 8 days of the aggression on the Gaza Strip.

Barak threatened that if no cease-fire continues, “we will realize what we will do, and if we have the future to carry out large-scale ground, it is best to have the support of an international firm.”

He hinted the Secretary of War, that will be demobilized reservists during the next few days, in the case of steadfastness of the cease-fire.

Mr Barak claimed during a press conference ahead of the actual start of the truce yesterday that the military operation has achieved its objectives in full and that Hamas and Islamic Jihad received painful blows, while confirms official statistics that most victims of the recent aggression on Gaza civilians, including children, women and the elderly, while not stop rocket attacks of the resistance factions until a few minutes from the entry into force of the agreement.


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