Allow Palestinian fishermen to enter for a distance of 6 nautical miles instead of three miles


Shadi Mahmood – Translation

Egyptian intelligence chief Rafat Shehadeh told Palestinian Prime Minister in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, during a telephone conversation that he was allowed to fishermen in a follow-up to the truce agreement to enter distance of 6 nautical miles instead of three.

Offering anglers over 6 years for the various types of harassment by the Zionist navy, which had prevented the entry of more than 3 miles into the sea.

The cabinet said in a brief statement on Saturday, that a meeting with Egyptian Zionist entity will be held on Monday to discuss matters relating to the agreement, including the border area.

The meeting began on Friday between Egypt and the Zionist entity to discuss the mechanism for implementing the terms of the truce reached between the Palestinian factions and the Zionist occupation after 8 days of the aggression on Gaza, after you install the truce for 24 hours did it penetrates both sides.

The agreement provides for calm in one of its clauses as a condition of resistance, which was approved by the occupation, “the opening of the crossings and facilitate the movement of people and goods and not to restrict the movement of people or targeted in the border areas.”


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