Dweik: Israeli occupation Singles out West after his defeat in the Gaza Strip


Shadi Mahmood – Translation

The Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council Aziz Dweik said that “the Zionist entity tries to drive through the arrests of dozens occupied West, including lawmakers and whitening face in front of his people after his defeat at the hands of the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip.”
Dweik said that the entity seeks to put pressure on the resistance in Gaza by singling deputies Hamas and its leaders in the West Territories.
According Dweik, the “Zionist entity is unique unarmed people in the West after losing his battle against the resistance, and mass retaliation for the gift that came out in the West victory for Gaza, which demonstrated the spirit of unity.”
The speaker of the Legislative Council the Egyptian government to intervene, saying that the campaign of arrests contrary to the spirit of the ceasefire agreement between the Palestinian resistance and the occupation entity sponsored by Egypt, calling on the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah to stand by the West as deputies stood by the resistance during the aggression.
The Israeli occupation forces arrested today and yesterday six MPs from Hamas in the West and arrested more than 230 Palestinians since the beginning of the aggression on the Gaza Strip, according to statistics of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club.


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