More than $ 40 million loss the Gaza Strip as a result of the recent Israeli war


Shadi Mahmood – Gaza

Chamber of Commerce estimated in the Gaza Strip daily economic losses resulting from direct stop all the economic activities of the Zionist war on the Gaza Strip, about $ 5 million based on the daily value of production for each different economic activities, a total of $ 40 million during the period of the Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip.

Maher said foul spokesperson Chamber of Commerce, said in a statement: “The war led to a complete paralysis in all walks of life throughout the 8 days of fierce aggression, and led to the suspension of a comprehensive economic movement in the Gaza Strip.”

He noted foul that closing the Kerem Shalom commercial southeast of Rafah, during the war, stop the barrier to entry of goods and humanitarian aid coming into the sector, and has led to heavy losses for traders and importers as a result of not being able to bring their goods stored in warehouses and ports of Zionism, and the payment of fees additional storage.


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