Zionist entity angry Abbas to praise of the leaders of Hamas


Shadi Mahmood – Translation

Radio quoted Zionism, on Saturday, a government source in the entity as saying: “Abbas did not denounce even once rocket attacks emanating from the Gaza Strip against the Zionists, while the commendable leadership of Hamas for war crimes committed by.”

The source expressed surprise at the intention of Abbas to go to the United Nations to get the status of a non-member state in particular, he has no authority to only half of the Palestinian people.

The source of government that guarantees them also to join bodies such as the International Criminal Court in The Hague, where they can lodge complaints against the entity.

Palestinians consider “entity” observer at the United Nations, and raise their representation to a non-member State resembles a Vatican at the United Nations would imply recognition of a Palestinian state.

It certainly seemed to get a lift analog mode to the Palestinians approval in any vote being in the General Assembly of the United Nations and most of its members-colonial countries historically sympathetic with the Palestinians.


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