Demonstration in solidarity with Gaza in Paris


Shadi Mahmood – Translation

Rallied more than a thousand people in the center of the French capital Paris on Saturday to demonstrate in favor of the people of Gaza and demanding official recognition of a Palestinian state.

The demonstrators chanted slogans against the Zionist entity and waved Palestinian flags during their willingness to march to the Republic Square in the city.

The truce held for three days between the Zionist entity and Hamas, which runs the Gaza Strip at the end of a week of heavy fighting between the two sides.

And more than 166 Palestinians were killed and killed more than six Zionists during the war, but the truce was not enough to satisfy the protesters who gathered in Paris.

The demonstrators called Barrick Belalia “We came here to protest for recognition of a Palestinian state member of the United Nations and an end to violence in the region and to establish real peace and no peace for a short period, we are here also to operate France, like other countries in order to establish lasting peace, not to work for their interests only political and economic. “

Said another demonstrator named Michelle was involved in the protest, “even if there is calm, it is clear that the problem is much deeper than that.”


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