In the video ..Mass demonstrations in Rabat – Morocco in solidarity with Gaza


Shadi Mahmood – Translation

Mohamed V Avenue biggest streets of the Moroccan capital, witnessed a major demonstration involving about a hundred thousand Moroccan citizen in solidarity with Palestine and Gaza this morning.
The head of the Moroccan government march and Secretaries-General of independence parties and the Socialist Union and the National Rally of Independents and PAM, progress and socialism, as well as Chairman of the House of Representatives and the Ambassador of the State of Palestine in Morocco Ahmed Subh.
He called for the march each of the Moroccan Association for Support of the Palestinian struggle and the working group of Moroccan to support Iraq and Palestine, and carried Palestinian flags, Moroccan and banners and slogans supporting Palestinian rights and condemning the aggression Alziwyne on Gaza and calling for an end to Palestinian division and unite, and pro-directed Palestinian towards the United Nations and anti-normalization with the Zionist entity.
The march pierced several major streets and joined by a large number of members of the Moroccan parliament when it passed in front of its headquarters.
The Moroccan delegation arrived in the Gaza Strip two days ago, accompanied by a field hospital to treat the wounded.


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