UN official calls for lifting the siege completely from the Gaza Strip

Shadi Mahmood – Translation

A high-level UN official called for the lifting of the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip, as demanded by addressing the real problems that lie behind the Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip.
He described the Commissioner-General of UNRWA Filippo Grandi, the siege Zionist b “illegal” and called for lifting fully and in all its aspects “crossings, and fishing areas, and imports, and exports,” as a student at the same time that “progress on all parties and get appropriate safeguards regarding security all civilians. “
He acknowledged Grande before the UNRWA Advisory Commission, which began its meetings on Monday in Amman, Jordan, that address the root causes “require action different political, including the promotion and support of Palestinian unity and sustainability,” adding that “failure to act now would have devastating consequences” for the he said.
He also noted that “the greatest danger lies in the return to keep the situation as it was in the past, and return Gaza back to the circumstances-like prison,” stressing that “If that happens, it will be just a matter of time that erupt violence again.”
Grande added that the crisis in Gaza “on non-solution to the Zionist struggle – the wider Palestinian, including the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem.”
Regarding the issue of his term as Commissioner-General, said Grande for workers in the UNRWA that “the Secretary-General has decided to extend its presence in this site for one more year, until January 20 / January 2014”, noting that this “in order to ensure stability in the leadership of UNRWA This time intractable policy fraught with challenges and turbulence and volatility of the situation in the region. “


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