Demonstration in the “Tel Aviv” to support Palestinian President UN Thursday


Shadi Mahmood – Translation

A group of Zionist organizations pro-peace demonstration in the occupied Tel spring “Tel Aviv” in support of a move by Palestinian President “Mahmoud Abbas” to go to the United Nations.

The group said Zionism in a press statement: “She saw the need to launch her scream on Thursday, the sixth time in front of the house of independence on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv.”.

It said in a statement organizations initiative group “We are citizens of the Zionist entity Jews and Palestinians support the Palestinian President Abu Mazen to the United Nations to raise the status of Palestine in the United Nations to the state.”

The Director of the School for Peace in the oasis of peace d. “Nava Zonstein” We support the establishment of a Palestinian state on the borders of 1967, time has come to realize the dream of two states, which is in the interest of both peoples, conflict continued for decades led to bloodshed of thousands of innocent has proved that this struggle will not solve the principle of force and weapons and the only solution is negotiations lead to the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside the entity and only through this solution could have a better future of our children. “

It is organizations initiative to establish this demonstration emerged (SFP in an oasis of peace, forum peace organizations, Psychwakteph, Gush Shalom, one vote, Peace Now, Machsom Watch, warriors for peace, city people, Friends of the Earth and the Association Albeain Arabs).

Speakers at the demonstration by Professor Galia Golan, d. Alon nights, d. Ron Bundk, Mussi Raz, d. Nava Rosennchen, Uri Avnery, a representative of the Palestinian Authority and the two artists also will participate Yonatan Shapira and Mira Awad in the demonstration.


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