European delegation comprising parliamentarians to visit Gaza next Saturday


Shadi Mahmood – Translation

Scheduled to arrive a high-level EU delegation, comprising dozens of parliamentarians and politicians from all over the European continent, to the Gaza Strip on Saturday, the first of December to find out the consequences of the Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip, and to prepare a report about the targeting of civilians.

Rami Abdo Said, the regional director of the Council European-Palestinian relations, who is coordinating the visit, it is expected to join the EU delegation American delegation comprises about thirty political and human rights activists from the United States.
The servant, said that the delegation will first rounds in the Gaza Strip to visit the family home of Aquarius, which killed the occupation of most of its members in the bombing directly to their home three-storey house during the recent aggression on the Gaza Strip, where Killed by shelling a ten family members, mostly women and children.

He added that the Office of the Council of European-Palestinian relations and the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs of the United Nations would provide a detailed presentation of the delegation the political and humanitarian situation after the Israeli war on Gaza, which lasted eight days initiated compromise to calm the occupation Egypt Ohvrt.
According to what is planned, it will the EU delegation in the next day field trips to see the level of destruction suffered by residential areas and service facilities during the aggression, while regulating agency UNRWA, “UNRWA” tour of summer camps where he will meet the delegation and the Director of UNRWA Operations.
Abdu confirmed that the delegation’s visit is of particular importance, especially in the transfer of the fact committed by the Israeli occupation crimes against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip over the eight days, especially since the sector is suffering from the siege continued for the sixth year in a row.
He stressed the need to “wake up the world of slumber, and based Ptgoul occupation and aggression against one million and seven hundred thousand people living in inhumane conditions under repeated Zionist aggression.”


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