In the video ..Israeli entity warns Abbas from going to the United Nations


Shadi Mahmood – Translation

Broadcast the Zionist embassy in the United States video posted on YouTube drew entity through which a warning message to the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas against his quest to raise the status of Palestine in the United Nations to the State as an observer.

And a video clip of the animation shows President Abbas, who leads the bus on his way to the United Nations, but it faces many pitfalls in the way.

The video shows Abbas as he faces the road barriers, while driving, written some words for U.S. President or to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, trying to discourage him from his quest for the United Nations.

But Abbas seems adamant to continue to reach its end, to be up to the crossroads and finds himself forced to choose between: either to follow a path of war and destruction, which ends with the United Nations, or to embark on the road to peace photographer like paradise.

The video carries a clear message to Abbas of the Zionist embassy and significance that peace will never be achieved by going to the United Nations, and then begin the message in the video urged viewers to convince Abbas to return to the negotiating table.

Where is heading Abbas, on Thursday, to the United Nations for approval by the International Organization for raising the status of Palestine to the state as an observer.

The United States has always supportive of the entity opposes Palestinian definitely step in the United Nations.

As for France, it has announced the San foreign minister Laurent Fabius, Tuesday, that Paris would vote yes in favor of Palestine, Austrian Foreign Minister also announced that Austria would vote in favor of Palestine.

As for Britain, has announced the San British ambassador to the United Nations Mark Lyall Grant said Britain did not take a decision on the Palestinian demand.

Hamas has supported Abbas formally bid for a state observer of Palestine to the United Nations, bypassing the temporary differences in views between the head of the political bureau of the movement in exile Khaled Meshaal and its leaders in Gaza.

Meshaal Monday expressed support for the effort, according to a statement issued by the movement.

In case Abbas succeeded in his quest to raise the status of Palestine to the State as an observer, it will be the Palestinians’ right to claim up to a future state and also claim membership in the United Nations organizations.


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