New violation of the truce .. Zionist occupation arrests 6 fishermen in the Gaza Sea


Shadi Mahmood – Translation

Zionist Israeli navy arrested on Wednesday, six Palestinian fishermen and detained vessel and blew the last in the Sea of Gaza City, in a new breach of the truce, which concluded a week ago in Cairo under Egyptian auspices Turkish country.
The captain said the fishermen in Gaza Nizar Ayyash: “The occupation forces arrested five fishermen from Hessi family were on a boat with other boats within a distance of six miles advertised, and held them and seized their boat and were taken to the Israeli port of Ashdod.”
“Ayyash” citizen arrested gunboats VI of the Baker family was on a small fishing boat, and after his arrest was blown boat full contents into the sea, as fisherman were taken with other colleagues.
Israeli forces violated the truce several times since its conclusion, hitting citizen was shot in the chest near the Kerem Shalom crossing in the southern Gaza Strip, while another citizen was killed and dozens wounded when soldiers opened fire on them when they inspect their farmland east of Khan Younis.


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