Russia supports granting Palestine state observer status at the United Nations


Shadi Mahmood – Translation

Issued and the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement posted on the ministry, Wednesday, declared that Russia supports grant Palestine recipe State observer member is a member of the United Nations.
The statement “is expected to vote the General Assembly of the United Nations on tomorrow November 29 on a draft resolution submitted Palestine to give recipe member state observer is a member of the United Nations, as already announced many times, that Russia will vote in favor of this resolution from position of principle. “
The statement the Russian Foreign that “the General Assembly will support this resolution, because the Palestinian side is not considered such a step alternative to the process of peaceful settlement of the Middle East problem, according to a draft resolution that their, that international and regional efforts in this stage should focus on the resumption of direct negotiations between Zionists and Palestinians to reach an agreement on the core issues of the final status on the basis of the principles of international law. “
The Russian Foreign Ministry statement confirmed that Russia will continue to call her “through bilateral contacts and through the United Nations and within the framework of the” quad “international mediators, to hold a meeting of Ministers of the” Quartet “.


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