Zionist occupation prevents receiving telegrams written by the State of Palestine


Shadi Mahmood – Translation

Minister of Foreign Affairs issued a Zionist “Avigdor Lieberman” directives to all embassies and diplomatic missions “Zionist” in the world not to receive letters or letters or official documents written by the State of Palestine.

The chairwoman of the branch visas in the ministry, “a generation of Libanon”: that the purpose of the guidance is to emphasize not to deal of official messages you send destinations diplomatic international and carry terms unacceptable “Zionist”, such as occupied Palestine or Jerusalem or the state of Palestine or the occupied territories.

And referred to that in the event of letters arrived on this pattern should not be opened and returned to its source or left without any attention, and letters allowed in receiving is just containing the term “Israel” or the Palestinian Authority areas.

It is worth mentioning that this guidance comes against the backdrop of the Palestinian Authority went to the General Assembly of the United Nations on Thursday to vote on the recognition of Palestine as the state control of the organization.


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