Arab calls for support of Palestine as an “observer” of the United Nations

Shadi Mahmood – Translation

Kuwait called on all European countries to support the Palestinian request for observer membership of the United Nations during the vote scheduled for Thursday.

Kuwait’s ambassador to the European Union, Belgium and Dean of the Arab Diplomatic Corps in Brussels, Nabila Al-Mulla, during her speech at the European Parliament hopes to unite the European position and voted strongly in favor of the draft resolution.

Said in remarks published by the official KUNA news agency on Thursday that there are five countries in the European Union was developed similar to the status of Palestine before becoming a full member of the United Nations: Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria, Finland, pointing out that Kuwait was also a non-member for a whole year because of opposition from the former Soviet Union.

The complexity of the General Assembly of the United Nations, today, a special session to vote on the Palestinian request, to recognize Palestine as an observer state, is a member of the United Nations.

For its part, called on Tunisia all regional and international parties to support the request of Palestine. According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday evening got reporter Anatolia, a copy of: “This request represents a test of the conscience of the world, and will be the extent of support to him a measure of the degree of belief in the international community universal values ​​of peoples’ rights of equality and justice and the right to self-determination. “

Tunisia renewed emphasis on the “firm belief that the Palestinian issue remains the core of the conflict in the region, also confirms its commitment to support this issue at all levels,” according to the statement.

And Germany announced that it would vote against the resolution, as announced by Britain and Lithuania they Stmtanaan vote.

In contrast, hastened the majority of European countries, to declare its support for the Palestinian demand and intention to vote in favor, including France, Austria, Denmark, Spain, Norway and Switzerland, and Greece.

And carrying Vatican recipe “permanent observer”, which owns the right to participate in United Nations meetings on this basis. Lot of international organizations that carry permanent observer status, such as the European Union, the Arab League, the African Union, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the Gulf Cooperation Council , and the International Criminal Court.

And already Palestine failed to obtain full membership, in its request last year, but managed to get membership in the World by UNESCO.


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