Haniyeh praises Tunisia’s position in support of the Palestinian cause

Shadi Mahmood – Translation

Palestinian Prime Minister in Gaza ​​”Ismail Haniyeh” praised the Tunisian supervisor position and support for the Palestinian cause, manifested through brutal aggression on Gaza.
This came during his meeting with the delegation of Tunisian medical, headed by the Minister of Health. Abdul Latif al-Makki and Tunisian Ambassador in Cairo and the accompanying delegation.
“Haniyeh said,” the Tunisian position over the authenticity of fraternal relationship between the Arab peoples, as Tunisia was one of the first countries that initiated contact in the first moment of aggression, through what is happening in Gaza is a Tunisian affair.
He dedicated the victory of the resistance to the peoples and countries of the Arab revolutions which sparked derived from the steadfastness of the people of Gaza and adhere to their national rights, saying this battle Introduction towards overall victory and liberation, has imposed a lot of equations on the international level.
“Haniyeh,” added We see the world reconsider the policy of imposing sanctions and political estrangement Hamas, as we find the results of this victory in the case of suffocation experienced by warlords and marked by the resignation of the Zionist war minister Ehud Barak and his departure from the political scene.
In turn, through the “Mecca” for his pleasure with the visit, and said it is a historic moment and we share Strip joy of victory over the enemy, pointing to the stations historical was to Tunisia honor the common struggle with Palestine in the same trench, indicating a willingness to Tunisia government and people to lend a helping hand and support to the Palestinian people to attain their legitimate rights in full.
This was the Tunisian delegation had visited the house of the martyr leader “Ahmed Jabari” home “family bucket”, and the Sheikh Radwan cemetery.
The delegation concluded its visit to Gaza to visit Al-Shifa medical, where he inspected the wounded and listened to testimony from the medical staff, has been confirmed in Mecca at a news conference to continue to support the medical sector, this visit is a start on the road of joint cooperation between the Ministry of Health of Tunisia and Palestinian counterpart .


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