Yediot: Zionist members of the police abused and humiliated Palestinian kidney patient

Shadi Mahmood – Translation

Yediot Aharonot newspaper revealed Zionist, he was an indictment against two members of the Zionist police after he abused a Palestinian patient has kidney disease and deliberately to humiliate him.

 The newspaper said on its website in Hebrew that the police beat him with their guns and brutally on one of the barriers in the West Bank.

The newspaper said the indictment filed against two soldiers in the so-called Border Police where they beat him with the butts of guns in the head, abdomen and aspects where provided regulation against Liel Shamir Warren Levy after Palestinian police to lodge a complaint against the soldiers border guards after he Palestinian to Palestinian police and link military Zionist soldiers.

The newspaper said the two soldiers were serving with the border guards and carried out the brutal assault on Palestinians in 2010 indicated that the Palestinian from Nablus area and was on his way to Hebron, where he Container checkpoint soldiers beat him after he override a car that was parked at the checkpoint.

The Palestinians said the soldiers assaulted him after he ordered him to stop along the way and made him come down from the car and asked him to accompany them to one of the rooms near the barrier and assaulted him inside which proved Cameras army vehicle at the checkpoint.

Under the indictment that the soldiers dealt brutally with the Palestinian and beat him strongly with their weapons, although he was yelling and telling them he kidney patient, but they continued to beat him, causing him vomit and fell to the ground what prompted them to call an ambulance took him to a hospital in Bethlehem.

As provided for the indictment on abuse of power and Aelloukh granted to two, as the newspaper quoted one of the soldiers accused of denying to the police investigation and said he was ready to court until the last minute to prove his innocence.


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