President Abbas calls for the General Assembly to issue birth certificate of the State of Palestine

Shadi Mahmood – Translation

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, on Thursday evening, asked to accept Palestine is a member state of the UN system, saying that ‘the General Assembly of the United Nations is called upon today to issue birth certificate of the State of Palestine’.

 President Abbas addressed the representatives of the international forum ‘That’s why we are particularly we are here today.’

Abbas said, in a speech before the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York, that same Assembly issued 65 years ago and in this day of resolution 181, which spent dividing the land of historical Palestine, and it was a birth certificate for the Zionist entity.

 He added that ‘the world today demands that recorded significant shift in the process of correcting the historical injustice unprecedented inflicted on the Palestinian people since the Nakba of 1948.

He continued that every vote supports our quest today is the sound quality and brave, and all state grant support today to request Palestine win prestige non-member State, proving the support principled and moral freedom and the rights of peoples, international law and peace ‘, noting that’ the world demands today that the answer to a specific question, we repeat it always: Is there the need for surplus people in our region?Or is there a state minus one should hasten and accelerate it  embody over land is Palestine? ‘

 And: The world today to support our endeavor would send a message promising to millions of Palestinians on the land of Palestine and in refugee camps in the homeland and in the Diaspora and prisoners of freedom fighters in Israeli jails that justice is possible, and hope justified, and that the peoples of the world does not accept the continued occupation.

Abbas said: ‘The moment has arrived for the world to say clearly: Enough of aggression, colonization and occupation’, it is time for action and the moment to move forward.

He continued: Palestine today to come with this prestigious international forum; representative of the international legitimacy and protector, confirming our belief that the international community now stands in front of the last chance to save the two-state solution. The Palestine comes to you today at a defining moment regionally and internationally, in order to devote her presence, and protects the potential and the foundations of a just peace expectancy in our region.

He added: On behalf of the Palestine Liberation Organization say, not ants will not tire and will not falter our determination to continue to strive to achieve a just peace, but above all and after all, I can assure that our people will not give up their inalienable national rights as defined by the resolutions of United Nations bodies, and people stood by his right to defend himself against attacks and occupation will continue the Popular Resistance peaceful, and epic steadfastness and construction on the land, and will end the division and strengthen national unity, we will not accept only the independence of Palestine and Jerusalem as its capital on all territories occupied in 1967, to live in peace and security alongside Israel, and resolving the issue of refugees the basis of resolution 194, according to the operative part of the Arab initiative for peace.

Abbas added: However, we repeat here the warning again: The window of opportunity narrowing, and time is running out quickly, and rope patience shortens, and hopes wither, and we in our day to undermine Palestine standing non-member State of the United Nations, reaffirm that the Palestine stick always respected Charter and resolutions of the United Nations and international humanitarian law and devote equal and guarantee public freedoms and the rule of law and the promotion of democracy and pluralism and the maintenance and strengthening of women’s rights. As we promised our friends and our brothers, we will continue to consult with them that the esteemed Haitkm approved the request to lift the status of Palestine, and we will act responsibly and positively to our next steps, and we will work to strengthen cooperation with other countries and peoples of the world for a just peace.


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