U.S. Zionist denounce because of state for Palestine got representative non-member at UN


Shadi Mahmood – Translation

The United States considered that the General Assembly vote of the United Nations, Thursday, for the benefit of upgrading Palestinian representation to recipe observer State is a member of the United Nations, put “obstacles” to reaching peace between the entity and the Palestinians, while condemning entity speech by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas before General Assembly.

 The U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice told the General Assembly “The decision is unfortunate and futile released today put more obstacles in the way of peace, that’s why the United States voted against it.”

Has become Palestine Thursday recipe non-member observer state at the United Nations, after a historic vote in the General Assembly of the United Nations.

The Assembly agreed to raise the Palestinian representation to the adjective “non-member observer state” vote of 138 countries objection 9, with 41 countries abstaining.

For its part, said U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the General Assembly vote in favor of raising the level of Palestinian representation in favor of the Palestinian request, the decision “unfortunate and unhelpful.”

Clinton said during a forum in Washington Anthzath to comment immediately on the historic decision of the General Assembly, he “put more obstacles to the path of peace,” arguing that the only way for the establishment of a Palestinian state is the resumption of peace negotiations between the Palestinians and the entity.

On the other hand denounced Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas sharp entity in his speech to the General Assembly, described the speech as “hostile and Sam and full of false advertising.”
Netanyahu said in a statement issued by his office after Abbas’s speech in the General Assembly before the vote on the implicit recognition of the Palestinian state, “These are not the words of a man who wants peace.”

“I heard this speech is full of false propaganda against the Zionist army and the citizens of the Zionists, not in this way speaks a man who wants peace.”

The Zionist ambassador at the United Nations Ron Prosor said that the draft resolution on lifting the Palestinian representation to the level of a non-member observer state, the draft “biased.”

He Prosor before the General Assembly that the project “does not push forward the peace, but to be pushed back,” stressing that even if the General Assembly voted in favor of the Palestinian request, this “will not change the situation on the ground.”

The Minister Ehud Barak army said earlier Thursday that the Palestinian endeavor in the United Nations “error” will bring them closer to their goal of statehood alongside entity.

Barak said, addressing the U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta in a joint press conference at the Ministry of Defense, “We believe that the decision to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, head of the General Assembly and demand the status of a non-member observer is wrong.”

He added “I think that you can not change anything in direct negotiations without preconditions is the solution,” he said, adding that negotiations could begin after the next election Zionism.


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