15 Palestinian captives facing death in Ramle Prison Hospital


Gaza Events – Translation

“Close them doors and blocking their sunlight, to spend their sentences and watches the last of life in four rooms stand out guard deaf, does not know the language of human beings, crying and do not care, and rotate them nurse lazy analgesics of pain, and detached from humanity sarcastically tells them: Do not you baby will not reveal. “!

Lawyer revealed Buthaina Duqmaq, President Mandela Institute for Human Rights during her visit to Ramle prison that 15 Palestinian prisoners are facing slow death in four airtight rooms inside the prison hospital to ignore the occupation dangerous to their health “very” and not deal with them according to regulations moral and humanitarian.

She explained that the prisoners are suffering from diseases of varying and high-risk, including prisoners need to open-heart surgery and another need to amputate a leg, and the prisoner is suffering from a serious illness in his lungs and is not able to breathe, and another still bullets fired by Israeli soldiers during an arrest in his body, describing scene Bamufzaa the very tumor formed about the location of the bullet in the body.

And showed that the Palestinian Prisoners Mansour Mawqedi, sentenced to life imprisonment needs “very quickly” to a bladder transplant, noting that he could not sleep at all because of the pain suffered by them, and moving inside the room in a wheelchair.

No exclude lawyer Duqmaq in an exclusive interview with Al Quds Al Arabi newspaper martyrdom of one of them or more in light of the continued deliberate medical neglect, pointing to the lack of nurses in the hospital, describing the sick prisoners stromal jaded blocs, which needs treatment before it is too late.

She spoke Duqmaq for her trip to the Ramle prison: “We’ve toured in Ramle prison, where we saw 25 prisoners distributors on cells in solitary confinement, preventing communication with them or talk among themselves, and kept prisoner in the cell 23 hours of continuous versus one hour of leeway.”

She described the conditions in the prison hospital in particular and the prisons of occupation in general as catastrophic, suffers prisoners from torture and solitary confinement and medical negligence, saying: “The conditions are moving towards tragedy, especially prisoners isolated inside the cells small in Ashkelon prison, and the weir, and Beersheba.”

And carried President Mandela Institute for Human Rights, blamed Hamas for the critical situation reached by the sick prisoners, saying: “It was imperative that they have to put those prisoners who are suffering from critical health on the ladder of priorities during the negotiations with the occupation on the deal and fulfillment Liberals under which the release of hundreds Palestinian prisoners. “

The government did not exclude the Palestinian West Bank from liability, claim power, “the need to work tirelessly” for the release of prisoners, including prisoners of the 105 detainees before the signing of the Oslo agreement.


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