Israeli forces arrest a youth activist on Beit Hanoun (Erez)



Israeli forces arrested a youth activist during his way to an interview by the Israeli authorities in Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip for the issuance of a permit to access the West Bank.

The authority said the Palestinian media and activating the role of the youth “PYALARA” The activist Alaa Mekbel(30 years old), who works as director of its office in Gaza, was arrested yesterday morning on Monday in Beit Hanoun crossing when he went to get a permit after his nomination to participate in a workshop organized by the Communication Group in the West.

It noted that the last contact he had with the administration was at seven o’clock in the morning, where he teach her way to the Beit Hanoun crossing and his mobile phone for the duration of the interview will be closed, the administration has tried to communicate with him more than once, but to no avail.

The Department said that it had received a call from Hassan Subhi Mekbel and Alaa’s father, knows where he had received a telephone call from an unknown number, the spokesman told him that the occupation authorities had decided to arrest his son, was transferred to Ashkelon prison.

And Alaa Mekbel  youth social activity in the Gaza Strip, and manages Programs “PYALARA” and projects in the sector four years ago, a married father of three children, the youngest aged and a half months.

For its part, said Director-General of the Palestinian Authority for Media Hania Bitar that the Authority since the flag of the news detention began in communion with human rights organizations and the Red Cross and international institutions to determine the merits of the arrest and motive.


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