On the first day of the school year ..Strike in the occupied Palestinian schools in the Negev



prevail Tuesday strike Comprehensive in 20 elementary schools in the city of the Negev south of the occupied Palestinian territories in 48, and Palestinian schools other, in other cities, at the invitation of parents committees that came against the backdrop of “shorten the Ministry of Education” to support the Palestinian schools, especially in the villages “unrecognized them. “

The User Palestinian in the Israeli Knesset Talab Al-sanee explained the strike comes in protest against the rejection of the Ministry of Education Israeli demands committees saints Palestinians, which is to improve the reality of education in the Negev and other areas, and its refusal to intervene to grant powers to the schools of the Regional Council, which is located within his powers. “

He pointed out that “the Ministry of Education has formed committees and regional councils ten years ago and placed on top of many of the Jews in order to hit the Palestinian culture in the Negev and other areas, and touch his or her rights.”

He added that some of these councils play a serious role on the Palestinian students, and pat each tool in the hands of the Israeli government to implement the scheme Prafr Judge deportation of Arabs from the territory of the Negev. “

Under scheme “Prafr”, which was approved by the Israeli Knesset first reading of the end of last June, confiscate “Israel” 800 thousand dunums of Palestinian land in the Negev, and will abandon the nearly 40 thousand people and destroyed 36 villages grounds that their property ownership documents for this land.

One of the schools experiencing strike “Israel” today’s elementary school in the village of Sid in the northern triangle and secondary school in the village of Arara in Wadi Ara and civil school in the village of Kafr percussion and high school in Jaljolia.

It also strike all the schools in the coastal village of Blue Bridge and about 20 schools in the Negev, at the time of the Central Committee announced to parents of students in the western city of bouquet Uninstall the mass strike previously announced in the municipal education system.


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