Israeli occupation causes the loss of a child to his sight in Jerusalem



Shadi Mahmood – Translation

Child’s father Mahmoud Saleh (11 years) said that his child lost his sight due to the occupation being shot in the village of Issawiya in Jerusalem.

Samer Mahmoud child’s father explained that his son Saleh was wounded yesterday by a bullet coated metal bullets at his nose near his eye injury very serious summoned perform two to him in his left eye for more than 10 hours, but doctors in the “Hadassah Ein Kerem” Hospital, reported to him “that he would not see it the Probability zero “, pointing out that the child lying in the intensive care now and in front of the long march of treatment being infected fractures to the skull and needed several operations.

Mahmoud stressed that the shooting of his son was without justification, he was going to buy vegetables from the grocery store in the village of Issawiya, adding that Saleh was injured from a very close range during clashes were raging in the village yesterday to protest against the closure of the entrances to the village of Issawiya.


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