5 killed and 10 settlers injured in shooting and stabbing in Jerusalem



Gaza Events – Jerusalem(translation)


Five settlers were killed this morning and injured 10 others injured in a shooting and stabbing process was carried out by two Palestinians inside one of the synagogues in Jerusalem.

Second Hebrew channel reported that the Palestinians carry one gun and the other a knife and an ax entered the synagogue in the “Har Nov” neighborhood of religious Jews and starting shooting and stabbing Who settlers in place what caused the deaths of 5 in place and injuring 10 injured five of them seriously injured.

It quoted a witness as saying that “implementing income for the synagogue and shouting Allah Akbar”

The sources pointed out that the synagogue dates back to “Shas” party in the neighborhood, which was inhabited by the spiritual father of the party, “Ovadia Yosef.”

The channel said that the perpetrators of the population of Mount Scopus neighborhood of east Jerusalem.

In the initial response to a process called the Secretary of the Army, “Moshe Yaalon” to meeting urgent consultations within the Department of the Army headquarters in Tel Aviv.




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