Extremists clipped tires 10 cars in Jerusalem



Jewish extremists made a hole in ten car’s tires for Palestinians last night  in the town of Beit Safafa, south of Jerusalem.

extremists Wrote on cars slogans “pay the price”, while the town’s residents discovered vandalized their cars in the morning, and told the Israeli police, what happened.


Saudi delegation arrives tomorrow to Gaza carrying aid worth 10 million riyals

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Shadi Mahmood – Gaza Events

Private sources confirmed that the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques tomorrow will send an official Saudi delegation accompanied by a delegation of the Saudi Embassy in Cairo, carrying medical aid to the Gaza Strip, in the first Saudi official cooperation with the government in Gaza.

The sources said that the Saudi delegation holds 140 tons of medical aid to the Gaza Strip for 10 million Saudi riyals.
It is scheduled to arrive aid over 14 days, starting from tomorrow, Monday, at a rate ten tons per day, and the Saudi delegation will announce at a press conference at the Rafah crossing.

European calls for the release of Palestinian captives


Gaza Events – Translation

Members of the Socialist Group in the European Parliament and who participated, on Saturday, in the ‘ freedom and dignity ‘, held in the city of Ramallah, called again for the release of Palestinian political prisoners.
Group Vice President, said Veronique doksir that a Palestinian prisoner and 4,800 in Israeli jails, including women and children, and members of the Legislative Council, and more than 100 detainees before the ‘ Oslo ‘, must be a core issue in relations between the European Union and Israel.
The release of Palestinian prisoners without delay, and that Israel must respect their obligations under international humanitarian law, human rights law and to put an immediate end to the practice of administrative detention of Palestinians.
Doksir said: ‘ we will continue to support the policy of non-violence by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, which is the only way to achieve self-determination and Palestinian sovereignty.
In turn, the Chairman of the European parliamentary delegation for relations with the Palestinian Legislative Council Ener kistlo they learn through experience the importance of the role of the Irish to play prisoners and former prisoners, Palestinian prisoners play a crucial role in reconciliation, and that is absolutely essential to them by Israel could be a major step towards a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

Member of Knesset planned to visit Al-Aqsa mosque with a group of Jews


Gaza Events – Translation

The Israeli newspaper Maariv said, the chairwoman of the Knesset internal affairs “Mary regev, planned to visit Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.
According to the paper, “Regev said during the Committee meeting, Saturday, she planned to visit Al-Aqsa mosque to learn about the prevention of Jews wanting to pray at the Temple Mount, in reference to its intention to enter the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound.
And The Member of Knesset from Arab parties, Taleb Abu Arar, “Regev said during the first meeting of the Committee, intends to visit the Holy Mosque, together with a delegation of religious Jews, to pray inside the Mezzaluna, despite learning that the mosque is very sensitive to Muslims in Palestine and around the world.

“Cooperation Islamic” calls for the establishment of a coordinating body for the next convoys to Gaza


Gaza Events – Translation

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation called on Saturday to coordinate the efforts of the next Gaza convoy through the establishment of a coordinating body of the procession of the convoys is coordinating with the competent authorities in the Gaza Strip with regard to assistance and quality at the same time, to create a Bank of information reflects the needs of the people.

The organization said in its monthly report on the humanitarian conditions in the private sector for the month of March 2013 “to more than 100 humanitarian delegation visited the Gaza Strip by 2012 from different nationalities and countries other than political delegations and human rights”. The report noted that visits of delegations varied between the provision of humanitarian aid, in addition to offering a helping hand in various humanitarian sectors especially the medical side of it.

The report said that the convoy miles of smiles – visited almost monthly-loaded with humanitarian aid, which included many supporters of different Western and Arab nationalities

The November and December of 2012 witnessed a large number of delegations visits medical specialist during and after the period of the aggression on the Gaza Strip in mid-June and extended to 8 days.

Most of the visiting delegations focused on the temporary relief efforts do not support real development in the sector.

On the other hand, the report said the relatively quiet work in the Gaza Strip during the month of March, but some infringements were recorded by the Israeli occupation forces against citizens in the private sector.

The AMA report said that the Israeli occupying authorities closed Kerem for 17 days during the month of March with arguments and pretexts such as the closure of the Jewish holidays, crossing 40% of normal capacity, 10% of the residents of the Gaza Strip, as a close and productive capacity in the Terminal who works alone out of 5 commercial crossings closed.

Settlers put toxic substances in wells south of Hebron


Gaza Events – Translation

By a group of settlers on Friday evening to put toxic substances in drinking water contains well South of Hebron in the West Bank.
According to the Coordinator of the resistance committees wall and settlements south of Hebron salary algebras to the media that the settlers put toxic substances into a different area of water South of Hebron, and slaves who owned Shehadeh Salamah Shehadeh makhamra.
The settlers engaged in such criminal acts against citizens and property in order to drive them from their lands.

A fire broke out in one of the shops fill gas cylinders in Gaza


Shadi Mahmood – Gaza Events

Erupted Saturday afternoon a large fire inside one of the shops competent fill gas cylinders, behind the Gaza Municipality Park next to the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Mosque in central Gaza City.

Local sources said, “The fire crews of the Civil Defence, accompanied by a number of ambulances rushed to the place, in order to control the fire and avoid the loss or the victims.”

According to the Ministry of Health on the tongue spokesman Ashraf Al-Qedrah that the fire did not leave any injuries in place